bfs – Leading the Way in Battery Watering Systems

In 1975, engineer Klaus H. Oschmann founded the company bho – bulk handling oschmann. The business made a name for itself in the development and construction of silos, drying systems and conveying machinery for plastic granules. The versatile and innovative possibilities of machining and processing synthetic materials allowed engineers and technicians to develop products with the highest degree of technical accuracy: products of precision mechanics. Because of its proximity to the battery industry, the team at bho began working on the effective watering of battery cells. With the development of the bfs watering system and its patenting in 1981, the company bfs – batteriefüllungssysteme gmbh was founded.

Push-in plug IV with float housing

The future standard for bfs is the filling plug IV, which provides compared to plug III significant benefits.
A more quick filling, an exact filling level, lower height, more quick assembly, protection against leakage of electrolyte at strong gassing and
7 float housings, which provide an extensive protection against rising seperators
are some of the features of plug IV
as push-in version with float housing.


Push-in plug IV

Starting the serious production of bfs push-in plugIV end of 2016 all standard types — push-in, bayonet and threaded — are available in version III as well as in version IV.


Plug IV – Expanding the Product Line

bfs offers the newly developed bfs-plug IV for almost every kind of lead-acid battery, with various cell vents (except S35).


Generation IV Plug

With its fourth generation model bfs offers a plug whose installation height is quite low. Also, electrolyte levels can be controlled even more precisely thanks to a new, patented injection system.


Plug III with Safety Valve

Based on bfs-plug II, the special plug with a safety valve was originally developed for underground, battery-operated vehicles in the years before 1994. In 2000, the design of special model plug II with safety valve gained an ATEX verification certificate. The red T-piece makes Plug III easily identifiable.


Battery Watering Plug III with Central Degassing

With its introduction of bfs-plug III, complete with central degassing, bfs now offers a truly progressive solution to take care of escaping battery gasses.


Battery Watering Plug, Generation III

Based on the company’s experience with earlier models, bfs-plug III is developed with a reduced outer dimension. This is also the first time plugs are made from black, impact resistant polypropylene. Because output quantities are rising sharply, bfs manufactures on an automatic assembly system at ABERTAX in Malta.


Battery Watering Plug, Generation II

With its lever transmission changed, the automatic battery watering plug, bfs-plug II is introduced in the market. The inbuilt automatic decompression system is likewise a first. The plug is made from transparent polycarbonate.


Battery Watering Plug, Generation I

Only one year after the firm’s establishment, the automatic, float-controlled battery watering plug, bfs-plug I is introduced – the cornerstone of the company’s worldwide success.


Founding bfs

After receiving the patent for automatic lead battery watering, Klaus Oschmann founds the company batterie füllungs systeme gmbh ing. klaus oschmann in 1981. Following his death, Elke Oschmann takes over the management of the companies bho and bfs in 1986. 


Founding of bho

Klaus Oschmann founds his first company: bho – bulk handling oschmann, specializing in the development and the construction of silos and conveying machinery for the synthetic materials industry. The company also focused on developing and patenting dry-air dryers.