bfs Watering Systems:
A World of Applications

Watering systems designed by bfs are as versatile as their areas of application are varied. Whether they are used for traction batteries, for heavy-duty work, for a variety of electric vehicles or in small and large stationary facilities, our watering systems come in first place when it comes to quality, reliability and safety. bfs watering systems are so versatile because they have no special requirements in terms of filling pressure nor is additional peripheral equipment needed. To adapt to specific applications, bfs offers a large choice of special plugs. And as varied as they are, all bfs systems have two things in common: they are easy to install and easy to operate.

Forklifts and Conveyor Vehicles

Time is money. Especially in logistics what counts is that vehicles are always ready for use and that maintenance times are kept to a minimum. It is in heavy-duty applications that Plug III really shines. The ... More

Golf Carts

No matter how high your golf handicap – the golf cart should not pose another one! Our new Plug IV and its several versions were developed specifically for watering the batteries of golf carts. Because ... More

Cleaning Machines and Street Sweepers

For the most common types of battery blocks bfs offers Plugs III and IV with bayonet or clip-in connections. One great advantage of the clip-in types is the short time it takes to install the plugs on ... More

Stationary Applications

Whether in off-the-grid photovoltaic systems, in electronic data storage, whether in electric power back-up systems in hospitals or telecommunication facilities, bfs watering plugs operate reliably everywhere. ... More

Mining Industry

To facilitate the use of battery-operated vehicles underground and in other explosion hazard zones, bfs developed Plug EX featuring a safety valve. Equipped with a special security valve, it prevents the ... More

Electric Utility Vehicles

Electric utility vehicles are of central importance in goods transport, passenger transportation, public service and many other domains. However, many of these practical vehicles have one thing in common: ... More