Battery Watering Systems for Cleaning Machines and Street Sweepers: A Truly Clean Solution

For the most common types of battery blocks bfs offers Plugs III and IV with bayonet or clip-in connections. One great advantage of the clip-in types is the short time it takes to install the plugs on the battery. A particularly effective solution for deep cycle batteries is our Triple Unit X4N320, which was specifically designed for certain 12 volt batteries.

Bayonet Plug III B51000

Fits all lead-acid batteries with a cell-vent size of 24 mm (bayonet opening, European standard).

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Triple Unit X4N320

The Triple Unit X4N320 was developed specifically for deep cycle batteries with cell vents of 19 mm size and a hole separation of 41.25 mm. This kind of battery would be a battery block that is usually used in street sweepers, motor homes, golf carts and boats. Specifications

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