Battery Watering Systems for Forklifts and Conveyor Vehicles: The Perfect Solution in Logistics

Time is money. Especially in logistics what counts is that vehicles are always ready for use and that maintenance times are kept to a minimum. It is in heavy-duty applications that Plug III really shines.

The generously sized gas compartment allows a large amount of gas to condense and flow back into the battery – a solution that significantly curtails time spent on watering. The plug’s interior mechanisms are self cleaning and designed to control the shut-off valve precisely and reliably for many years – even when being used in the toughest conditions. A bfs watering system used on traction batteries not only increases the efficiency of industrial vehicles, but also the safety of employees. The single-point watering process prevents them from coming into contact with hazardous battery acid.

Push-in Plug A51000

The push-in plug for all lead-acid batteries with a vent size of 35 mm (S35).

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