bfs Competency:
Customer Focus and Quality

Whether with serial production or customer-specific solutions, with systems featuring central degassing or safety valves, plugs with or without float housing, to be used in traction, motive power or stationary applications – for more than 30 years bfs has been developing, producing and supplying battery watering systems for lead-acid batteries. During this period, we have stimulated the market, winning the trust of our customers around the globe through our unique know-how, our engineering proficiency and our cutting-edge production methods. For years now, bfs systems have been synonymous with quality and reliability: our sales of around 8 million plugs annually reflect the outstanding acceptance of our products on the world market. We do not simply keep up with the times but are often a step ahead, while always working closely with customers. Fulfilling the wishes of customers is both our motivation and our duty.
  • bfs Development: Forward Thinking

    Consistently high quality along with the versatile application and technical reliability of our products – even in harsh operating conditions – have made bfs a world-leading partner of the battery industry. Upholding these high standards are the continuing research and development carried out on our products, decades of experience in the design of the most diverse systems, flexibility, and the outstanding performance of our production partners. More than 30 years of focused work have led to brilliant results: bfs owns various patents that enable us to offer universally applicable systems that are thought through to the last detail, that handle easily and safely and are as durable as they are reliable.

  • bfs Production Processes: Cutting Edge

    bfs manufactures all components and peripheral parts of its watering systems in close cooperation with its partners ABERTAX QUALITY LTD and R-TEAM GbR. Our own competence in the design of injection-molding tools as well as our solid knowledge of various production processes characterize the production at bfs. Add to this our extensive experience in choosing suitable plastics and working with the materials. Assembly automation systems and precise test units, finally, lend the manufacturing process a depth that can only be achieved with a process that is automated, flexible and technologically state-of-the-art. Excellent working conditions at our facilities in Germany and Malta safeguard the continuity of all production processes.

  • bfs Quality: More than a Promise

    Today, quality means much more than a product’s general merit – quality means that every detail has been carried out with perfection, from development to production and including every single step along the manufacturing chain. It is thanks to our superbly equipped test labs and specially trained staff that this precise quality can be guaranteed in all processes. At bfs, each component part is scrupulously examined. This includes comprehensive testing of the plastics we use, testing with high and low pressure to check the plugs’ inbuilt decompression system, a number of different stress and fatigue tests and a close check-up on the final assembly. We have invested heavily in quality control because we are convinced that this is the only way to guarantee the recognized reliability of bfs plugs on a permanent basis. Our production facilities are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

  • bfs Responsibility: Environmental Protection and Sustainability

    It goes without saying that a modern enterprise needs to use commodities and energy in a conscientious and sparing way. Being responsible for the environment and nature while continually optimizing our manufacturing processes in both ecological and economical terms is not perceived as a contradiction at bfs. We see these optimizations as complementing each other perfectly. In line with this philosophy, our plugs are neither glued nor heat sealed but built from snap-fit components.

    Today, 100% of the energy that is required for the assembly of bfs plugs comes from renewable sources. Around one third of the energy used to operate our injection-molding machines will come from solar energy from a photovoltaic system that is to be completed by 2013. Part of thinking and acting sustainably means using plastics that are resistant to ageing, resulting in the long operating life that our products can boast.

  • bfs Awards: A Synthesis of Technology and Design

    The quality and reliability of the bfs system have been confirmed by independent institutes time and again. Seeking to achieve innovation, functionality, ergonomics, safety and environmental friendliness, we were moved to rise to the challenge and focus on building a battery watering system as a whole. For bfs-plug IV the jury of "iF-International Forum Design GmbH" gave us a very special award, the renowned iF product design award.